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Brands in Bloome

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If you are totally new here, welcome! If you are familiar with Brand Method, thank you for your support as I take my next step in brand consulting and design through Brands in Bloome. The website isn't finished yet, but you can still visit the old site to learn more about my services.


Please use the following contact form to inquire about working with me. I will typically be in touch within 48 hours. If you have trouble with the form or need to contact me directly, please email!

Brands in Bloome, formerly Brand Method, is a brand consultancy. I help small businesses put their best foot forward as they get off the ground or navigate a major point of transition in their services, audience, or perception. 

I work directly with business owners in the Food & Bev, Wellness & Identity, Art & Design, and Weddings & Events industries. Together we dream up big visions for what your business can be and then organize all of the logistics and design elements needed to make it happen. 

I take a very in-depth approach to branding, as your brand is not just how you look or how the world perceives your services: your brand is the heart and soul of the business. It guides every decision your business makes, including not only what your logos and website look like, but how you talk to people, what initiatives you stand up for, and what greater impact you want to have on people's lives.


I will help you navigate the very complex process of identifying the "why" behind your brand, so when we do create your visual identity, it is rooted in meaning and is strategically placed in your competitive ecosystem. So, this will not be the fastest project, but I can assure you we will get this done right the first time. 

If this sounds like the project for you, I cannot wait to connect. Please use the contact form provided, or email me at

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